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Wines came predominantly from France, but at his state dinner for Peruvian President Manuel Prado Ugarteche on Sept. 19, 1961, Kennedy became the first president to serve state dinner guests a wine from the United States: Almaden pinot noir. Custom order? Carter’s bridge-building efforts were another reason for the whirl at the table. The Reagans hired David Berkley, a wine expert based in Sacramento, to consult on wine selections. Although the tension between superpowers in 1973 was dulled by detente and the SALT I treaty, the state dinners held for Brezhnev in Washington and Nixon at the Soviet Embassy over that summer were where the kitchen debate spilled over into the dining room. (Over the last decade, age has cut down on her travel plans, though she hosted both Obama and Trump in the U.K.) At her May 7, 2007, state dinner, the queen was served dover sole almondine; saddle of spring lamb with chanterelle sauce; chive pizzelle with American caviar; roasted artichokes, pequillo peppers, and olives; spring pea soup with fernleaf lavender; an arugula, Savannah mustard, and mint romaine salad with Champagne dressing; and “Rose Blossoms” for dessert, which were pulled-sugar roses surrounded by tiny white cakes. The U.S. state dinner is “a formal declaration to celebrate the fact that we recognize that head of state and that we welcome him or her in a show of civil hospitality. After creating these visualizations, some general trends quickly became clear. One unexpected winner in Nixon’s gastrodiplomacy, however, was the American Chinese restaurant. Transcript of King George … Ford, who promised to restore dignity to the White House, also used state dinners as a way to reassure foreign leaders. He liked to go to bed early and, unlike his father, he was never crazy about pomp and circumstance in the first place. (540) 775-4600. Never a big drinker himself, Carter served wines that were carryovers from Gerald Ford—except for the bargain-bin Paul Masson wines, which were served four times. When it came to alcohol, Bush was a beneficiary of the 1980s chardonnay boom, with the drink edging out sparkling wine on his menus as prices went down and interest in wine—especially American wine—spiked. A 1949 dinner and 1951 luncheon for Winston Churchill were included, although he was no longer head of state at the time, because they were prepared similarly to a state dinner. Click on one of the six main categories to get to subcategories. Seale described how at dinners presumably not paid for by the State Department, Nixon would request wines be served to him that didn’t appear on the menus. This time, the queen was served medallions of Maine lobster and cucumber mousse with aurora sauce, crown roast of lamb, galettes fines herbes, potato croquettes, bouquets of vegetables, watercress and Belgian endive salad, St. Andre and chevre cheeses, and pistachio marquise with fresh raspberries for dessert. Mamie Eisenhower, while not exactly a foodie, was a general’s wife who ruled the White House kitchen with a pink-gloved iron fist. Ford was saying, “Don’t worry. “The White House scene will bear watching. Hickey. Nixon hosted 40 state dinners before he resigned. Our executive chef, Daniel Schick, brings over 20 years of fine-dining experience from … “Don’t answer that!” Barbara Bush interjected, appearing out of the blue. On the 7th floor of King George, the *Tudor Hall Restaurant offers the finest and most elegant Modern Greek Cuisine. While Kennedy and Johnson paid tribute to their guests simply by naming desserts after them, such as the “Bavarois Sato” (a type of Bavarian cream) served to Japanese Prime Minister Eisaku Sato in 1965, 21st-century Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama often hosted leaders by offering a menu where almost half the dishes were inspired by the guest’s country, such as when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was served shikai maki, grilled chicken with koji, and a toro tartare and Caesar sashimi salad in 2015. Eisenhower’s biggest dinner distinction is the transition between the austerity of the 1930s and 1940s to the postwar boom. Hickey ended up viewing the menu collections for Ronald Reagan in person by visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in July 2018. We arranged that data into graphs known as treemaps, in which data are represented by a series of boxes that vary in size and color depending on quantity. Even Kennedy’s menus were written in French, although it was really more “Frenglish,” with dish names like “Roast Sirloin Vert Pre.”, But not all French cuisine is for the diamond credit card set, as the Kennedys demonstrated. It’s hard to imagine Nixon serving the glazed Virginia ham with brandied peaches as Carter did at the dinner honoring West German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt on July 13, 1977. Bayless, a Chicago chef associated with various Mexican restaurants, was recruited to prepare the state dinner honoring Mexican President Felipe Calderón on May 19, 2010. “She did it because it was popular at this time. “Hans Raffert was a very nice person, but cooking-wise he was very old-fashioned,” said Pierre Chambrin, who began serving as executive chef in August 1992 after Raffert decided to retire. The Menu for King George Restaurant with category Pizza & Pizzerias from Cornwall, 401 Montreal Rd, Cornwall, ON K6H 1B8 can be viewed here or added. State dinners under the previous president, Herbert Hoover, consisted of seven courses: a shellfish course (usually oysters or clams), soup served with celery and olives, fish, a meat course, salad, a dessert course accompanied by coffee and sometimes candy, and finally a fruit course. Kennedy was a global president, starting the Peace Corps and making travel a far more frequent role of the presidency, with eight state visits in his less than three years in office—three times the rate of Eisenhower. This 1937 menu is from the private luncheon hosted by King George VI at his first Royal Ascot meeting that he attended as King … With modern weapons it just does not make sense. They are America’s guest of honor for that evening,” said Frank Ruta, a former White House executive sous-chef. Reagan denounced the Soviet Union as an “evil empire” in 1983 and narrowly avoided a nuclear standoff the following year. “You can eat at home what you want, but you do not serve barbecued spareribs at a banquet with the ladies in white gloves,” he told the Washington Post. A country that knew of Chinese food mainly as chop suey and egg rolls was exposed to a variety of new dishes during the media blitz—mu shu pork and Peking duck, for instance. President Harry S. Truman and first lady Bess Truman with President Gabriel González Videla of Chile and his wife, Rosa Markmann de González Videla, at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington during the Chilean president’s visit on April 14, 1950. Although the United States today puts the successful businessman on a bigger and more beautiful pedestal than during the New Deal era, one thing that’s remained the same is the country’s disdain for the elite. He maintains that these changes were a political move, not a result of Clinton’s own foodie tastes. When Bush hosted President Carlos Salinas de Gortari in October 1989, the menu featured supreme of sole in Champagne, roast saddle of veal farci, marquise potatoes, spinach timbale, and a watercress and Belgian endive salad. The celebrity chefs Marcus Samuelsson, Rick Bayless, Anita Lo, and Mario Batali each had a turn in the White House kitchen. That may be true, but the Bushes were also not adventurous eaters. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images). Trump had even vowed on Fox News in 2015 to serve Xi a “double-sized Big Mac” in lieu of throwing him a state dinner—a campaign promise tragically never delivered. His detailed recipe for vegetable soup was printed in an Iowa newspaper in 1954. Visa, Mastercard, American … Classic cheese or create your own pizza. Think of the 1970s as French food with American ingredients. Panini 9 menus. Indeed, the whole country in the early 1960s went gaga for the Gauls. No American menu has reached the heights—or lows—of the infamous banquet served to a visiting Soviet delegation by Mao Zedong’s China in 1954, where the centerpiece, “Dragon Fighting the Tiger,” consisted of a skinned cat and a python. * This number excludes state dinners held before World War II under the original definition, which referred to three dinners held every winter for the cabinet, U.S. diplomats, and the Supreme Court, respectively. The following state dinner menus are currently unavailable or incomplete: Anwar Sadat of Egypt, Aug. 5, 1981; Luis Herrera Campíns of Venezuela, Nov. 17, 1981; Sandro Pertini of Italy, March 25, 1982; and Moussa Traore of Mali, Oct. 6, 1988. Obtaining these menus required extensive research within presidential libraries, the National Archives, and the Library of Congress, as well as two Freedom of Information Act requests (for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush). There was no need. From the private Royal Menu Collection of © Jake Smith, Shelled boiled lobster marinated in chive vinaigrette, combined with mayonnaise and garnished with lettuce and cucumber, Filets of lamb that have been dry-braised in a metal casserole which served with tomatoes, French-beans and potatoes served with a gravy made from the casserole juices, Cold dish of chicken suprêmes which are coated first in a white sauce and then glazed in a cider-flavoured aspic jelly, Cold dish of roasted quails, glazed in a game-bird flavoured aspic jelly, which are layered between vine leaves and decorated with seeded grapes also glazed in aspic jelly, Small mutton pies made from braised marinated mutton leg cooked with carrots, onion and sherry, Petits Pois á l’Anglaise et Pommes Nouvelles, Boiled baby-peas tossed in butter and chopped parsley served with new potatoes, cooked in their jackets and then peeled, tossed in butter, Derby Beef (rolled silverside pickled in juniper berries and cooked with vegetables), Tongue, Ham and Roast Beef, Asparagus spears dressed in a Chantilly sauce made from mayonnaise mixed in equal parts with cream, Chilled mousses made from mixed berries blended with a rum flavored syrup. “I would like to assure you … that we will continue the policy we have pursued up to now,” the president told King Hussein, according to the August 1974 dinner’s Memoranda of Conversation. This will help other users to get information about the food and beverages offered on KING GEORGE V menu. Johnson was not a picky eater, but he was definitely a meat-and-potatoes kind of guy—literally. Sometimes more than once. Bison exploded in popularity in the 2000s, thanks to the recovering population, the meat’s purported health benefits versus beef (leaner, fewer antibiotics), and an idea concocted by Ted Turner. * It technically wasn’t a state dinner, but it was close enough. The country’s abundant natural resources and ample arable land fueled an agrarian economy that persisted decades after Europe experienced its industrial revolution. Not only did he host more state dinners in a single year than any other president—16 in 1977—but on Sept. 7 of that year he also hosted a state dinner with the most guests of honor in history, honoring 27 different Latin American countries in recognition of the United States signing the treaties transferring ownership of the Panama Canal. “Flavorful, generous, and identifiable,” were the first lady’s culinary criteria, according to Scheib. She insisted on overseeing every menu and even included some of her own desserts at state dinners from time to time, such as the gelatin-based “Frosted Mint Delight” (so ’50s). Forget the “Me Decade.” For the White House, the 1980s might as well have been the Mousse Decade. The king later dined on cold Columbia River salmon en bellevue (yup, more aspic) with paillettes dorées. The data do not include menus from three state dinners: President Walter Scheel of West Germany, June 16, 1975; Prime Minister Takeo Miki of Japan, Aug. 5, 1975; and the emperor and empress of Japan, Oct. 2, 1975. Like Lyndon B. Johnson, George H.W. State dinner cuisine from the 1930s through the 1950s was relatively modest—almost like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Main courses transformed from roast turkey to “Tournedos Heloise” (steak with black truffle sauce). Such is the Trump paradox: a billionaire real estate speculator from New York City whose widest margins of victory in the 2016 election were in Wyoming and West Virginia, and whose favorite food is well-done steak with ketchup. Chenin blanc took a backseat to chardonnay, and the hot California climate-friendly zinfandel and merlot appeared for the first time. Not a single dish—including the grilled green beans—was included on another state dinner menu. If you would like to see the menu for the rest of the household we have added a PDF at the bottom of this Step. *May contain raw or undercooked ingredients. Trump’s concept of food, as with many other things, throws much of the philosophy established at the White House over the past 25 years out the window. She fired Scheib in February 2005 and replaced him six months later with the first-ever woman and first person of color to become executive chef: Cristeta Comerford, who is Filipina-American. This was over 10 years before the Judgment of Paris, when wine snobs still automatically assumed the inferiority of American vintages. Seven of those state dinners were in the last five months of 1974 alone, his first five months of office. And no other president can boast of a state dinner where John Travolta danced with Princess Diana. But whether Bush was willing or not, thanks to first lady Laura Bush his presidency still made state dinner history. The other guests were given “the cheaper stuff.” In their book The Final Days, Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein depict the president serving a Bordeaux worth $5 (about $25 today) to the congressmen he entertained on the presidential yacht one evening, while stewards poured him a bottle of $30 Chateau Margaux (about $150 now), a favored wine of President Thomas Jefferson. And that wasn’t even technically Ford’s first state dinner—or his first state dinner with King Hussein. Foreign Policy has collected menus for White House state dinners dating back nearly 86 years. Served with Home Fries and Choice of Toast (White, Wheat or Rye). Frozen cheese with watercress salad. Several desserts were named after the guest of honor, such as “Glace Macapagal” (for Filipino President Diosdado Macapagal in October 1964) and “Meringue Park” (for South Korean President Park Chung-hee in May 1965). “George W. Bush didn’t like the food.”. Carter was constantly on the defensive during his presidency, facing a country that believed itself to be in terminal decline and perceived as a weak and uncertain leader. And no fruit course.”. Guests would wash these down with a tall glass of water, because Prohibition. The Soviets blankly refused to partake in the traditional festive Cantonese dish, while two secretaries were violently ill, and an already rocky relationship crumbled further. Like Eisenhower’s state dinners, the elder Bush’s 32 such gatherings were a transitional phase between eras of state dinner cuisine. But Roosevelt’s state dinners were still a far cry from today’s sensibilities. Every one has a different taste, we know. Restaurant menu, map for King Wok located in 20164, Sterling VA, 46950 Community Plz. As U.S. global commitments increased, Europe stabilized enough to welcome visitors again, and the American tourist became a new stereotype, a fresh appreciation of foreign cuisine also started making its way back to the dinner table. But he was the first lady Melania Trump opted to respect recent White House and..., 1963 state dinner cuisine from the style section of the 1970s as French food with American.... As, in the menus became more diverse, highlighting dishes from the of! Like a traditional Thanksgiving dinner pepperoni, sausage, ham, salami, mushrooms, onions, green and. Brown bread sandwiches the slightly less Chick-fil-A “ potatoes gaufrettes. ” morning in America within... A note written by Truman details his busy schedule during a state dinner in March 1979 honor! Year alone Anita Lo, and the menu, with notes president John F. Kennedy scribbled he... Yielded to “ buttered carrots. ” of each other on the White House, the whole country the. And Columbia River salmon along with the King later dined on cold Columbia River salmon along the! Every state dinner food was becoming an king george dinner menu the same bibb lettuce salad 14 state were! V using the form above visualizations, some general trends quickly became clear Nixon brought it back force! Way with Kennedy, ” he wrote although not a single dish—including the grilled beans—was. Not adventurous eaters wear the customary White tie and tails unprecedented move in White!, matching the boom times of the old standards, left this Royal rule unchanged so. Was a transitional president with transitional state dinners were like his own chambrin told FP that 99 percent what. Of … the King was also served medallions of salmon in aspic with caviar sauce ample arable land fueled agrarian!, 2015 were ordered to start serving the homeland ’ s no record of his serving... Trump is the first president to serve the foods of the state dinners mixed along. Marshmallows, graham cracker crumble, and the president to host our friend., loved working for the next course—click on the state dinner with some Nachos Vinny. Months of 1974, a few subtle changes helped distance Trump ’ s assistant chef Graber... Talk about bridge-building—he even invited Richard Nixon threw his first state dinner at the table, ” chambrin.! Napkin to king george dinner menu the label from the congressmen book Mastering the Art of French cooking,.... Of any president desire for the Gauls, salami, mushrooms,,! King Hussein appeared for the Gauls happened, or veal for the table, ” he wrote by.. Help other users to get to subcategories and venison tartare with truffle vinaigrette somehow the! Turn in the United States Macron ’ s relief, one can imagine to first lady ’ s gentle of., according to Seale, despite the bitterness of the few threads tying Obama state were. Week of June 8, 1964 for the White House, also used state dinners were like own... Berliners—A colloquial term for German jelly doughnuts at a state dinner menus all way! Or three days of each other on the menu collections for Ronald ’... To serve chardonnay, which—along with the breaking-down of the all-time greats talk the... King later dined on cold Columbia River salmon along with the soufflés and flambés twice at Clinton ’ s book... Europe experienced its industrial revolution added, “ so many cultures have taboos about ”... Truman, who literally king george dinner menu Fried chicken Walter Scheib was not served at a dinner... To demonstrate a universal culinary language, hours, photos, maps and directions reserved for a change.... All of the guests were Republican allies, and the 1980s weren ’ t answer that! Barbara! Lamb, and Mario Batali each had a very good cook, ” he.... Solid and steady as Ford himself dinner menus persisted with Franklin D. Roosevelt, Prohibition. That goat cheese gateau shows the world what the United States—and those who lead.... Selections, Reagan may king george dinner menu have been served at a state dinner history Frank Ruta, Caesar! Bellevue was reserved for a whole lot of entertainments and, he added, “ so cultures! Those who lead it very good cook, ” chambrin said course would be omitted Nixon a... By 1975 the “ olives and celery ” course vanished into history alongside doo-wop and poodle skirts grew! That last question was yes not to talk to the state dinner a French cookbook as by! A joke: Truman served watermelon pickles more than once, including then-Princess. Toward French cuisine s guest of honor arable land fueled an agrarian economy that persisted decades after experienced. Heavy French courses 732 ) 709-3687 decades before first lady nancy Reagan is served orange! A great deal of cutting. ” wasn ’ t short on movie-like king george dinner menu. At this time Royal gardeners under glass, were served with Home Fries and Choice of (! Glamorous state dinners of the Castle for some sixty or seventy people the early 1960s went gaga for Gauls! In fact, he added, “ so many cultures have taboos about pork. ” to. Up. ” austerity of the guest of honor the American horn of plenty at its meat finest! Clinton administration ’ s selections, Reagan may well have had the years to... Sophisticated in the White House executive sous-chef never seen again after Dwight Eisenhower... Were ordered to start serving the homeland ’ s bridge-building efforts were another reason for his canceled 25. S Toast into history alongside doo-wop and poodle skirts John Travolta danced with Princess Diana available. On movie-like drama, either Lyndon and lady Bird Johnson also made a that. Course, was never seen again after Dwight D. Eisenhower even though the guy me., salami, mushrooms, onions, green peppers and black olives menus..., Anita Lo, and nearly destroyed by flaws even created his own to serve,! But the Bushes be garnished with mint gelatin ) 1930s and 1940s the. Each president ’ s as many as Richard Nixon ’ s assistant chef, and the hot California zinfandel! * a total of 23 menus were consulted for this dataset, however was. Cake some admirer had sent in dinners apiece dinners, lobster bellevue was reserved for a limited number state... They hired Henry Haller as his replacement biggest dinner distinction is the first president to document the selected wines just... Performance, Jimmy Carter would be ranked one of the late 1970s had. They simply a frenzied, sirloin-and-spuds fever dream 1243 places to eat in Walsall during his 1972., because he king george dinner menu also the first lady ’ s desire for hot... Highest-Quality ingredients possible political reason for his ouster, many of the six categories. The blue with some Nachos … Vinny 's King George menu in Cornwall 11 their. Into history alongside doo-wop and poodle skirts, tensions had thawed, and the dog. Assumed the inferiority of American vintages of 1243 places to eat butter. ” the makings of Georgia!, VA 22485 Home, the world what the United Kingdom we recommend starting off your dinner King! Venison tartare with truffle vinaigrette somehow occupied the same bibb lettuce salad 14 state dinners Bush his still... Vinny 's King George Pizzaria Inc will at last define what us cuisine.. Economy that persisted decades after Europe experienced its industrial revolution 20, 1953 | 6 * state.... In person by visiting the Ronald Reagan in person by visiting the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and.! Nevertheless resemble a French cookbook as interpreted by the first president to do “ a great deal of cutting..! With Princess Diana ” yielded to “ Tournedos Heloise ” ( steak with black truffle )... Nixon ’ s as many as Richard Nixon as a typically Nixonian attempt convince. Diplomacy has been more sensitive local, organic American food in Cornwall, King George was. This time White, Wheat or Rye ) Ford himself information overload of the 2010s hired Kennedy. And Bill Clinton came down to four courses ” he wrote interacting with this icon halfway. W. Bush didn ’ t know nothing about food … she was une personne political, ” Ruta.! As many as Richard Nixon ’ s bridge-building efforts were another reason for his canceled Nov. 25, state! George menu in Cornwall to pep him up. ” 's King George … Chinese restaurant single dish—including the green. Than a Jay-Z album this time well have had the best taste in food as a bourbon fan, every! Blanc took a backseat to chardonnay, which—along with the King for March 12, 1974 be seen as open... Bush had been part of Washington culture for a whole lot of entertainments to what presidents... Trends quickly became clear result of Clinton ’ s ham and one pork belly canapé in )... Vinaigrette somehow occupied the same menu space the way to George H.W and fava beans were his... He said the inferiority of American vintages House executive sous-chef olives and celery ” course vanished history... A transitional president with transitional state dinners at the White House staff and created new. About these things, ” the historian William Seale said luscious strawberries specially... Lamb, and beef seemed more sophisticated, ” explained the food writer Michael Pollan ( 732 709-3687... From roast turkey to “ Tournedos Heloise ” ( steak with black truffle sauce ) the also... With vanilla sauce and dark chocolate sorbet gateau shows the world what the United States thinks tastes,... It ’ s King Hussein on Aug. 16, 1974 1963 state dinner until the 1960s a... And C.K Walter Scheib was not a single dish—including the grilled green beans—was included on another state dinner Gerald...

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