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fern flower legend

According to another legend, during the Tatar-Mongol invasion, many residents of the city hid in the caves of Bald Mountain. Once, when everybody in the village was sitting around the bonfire, the elder of the village told the story of the Fern Flower. This time, when the carriage pulled up outside of his home, his mother did not come out to greet him. One day, he decided to take the carriage and visit his old village because he missed his mother very much. He looked through a tiny window, hoping to see his family inside, but the cottage was empty. In the darkness Jack fell asleep, and the next time he awoke his mother was standing over him and he noticed that he was lying in his own bed. Jack thought about the flower all year long until St John’s Night finally arrived again. He tried to ignore his feelings but was unable to enjoy his wealth or his beautiful palace. Jack also thought he heard the distant sound of laughter, but told himself that it was just another trick of the forest. But no matter what he did, Jack could never forget the look of sadness on his mother’s face. The young boy had a very comfortable bed and mountains of gold in the vaults of his palace. It is also said that the flower should never be picked, but rather delicately shaken down from the fern. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Even though the fern is not a blossoming plant, on that magical night in the most distant patch of a forest it bursts into bloom. If you have time to break it when it happens, the lucky person acquires extraordinary abilities. In the real life ‘looking for a fern flower’ was often a pretext for young people to hide together in the woods and spend some romantic time alone on the night of the summer solstice when the rural communities were celebrating a feast of old-Slavic origins called Kupalnocka, Sobótki or Wianki in the Polish language. Early Teens would often come here at night, turn off headlights of a car and called the mysterious Faceless Charlie, who, in their opinion, could appear out of the pitch darkness and to death to scare them. This ancient ornament was used in embroidery and was called the fern flower. Just a little correction – the kid in the “Konik Garbusek” story is actually taking a Fire Bird feather here ;), I’ll take that illustration down from the article, thank you!:). This time the trees were even wider and taller. On the night of Ivan Kupala, the fern flower blooms to all the flowers, the gap-grass is shown, blooming so shortly that you barely have time to read Our Father, Theotokos and I Believe. As he put the flower inside his jacket, he heard a quiet voice say to him: ‘Now you can have anything in the world you have ever wanted, but you may never share your happiness with another soul.’. The flower asked the young boy, ‘Are you ready to give up yet?’. ‘I am young, and if I give up everything now I will suffer for many years.’. Literally after a moment, the flower … 22. They all died of disease and hunger, for they were too poor to buy food and were unable to send for a doctor.’. Acacia Symbolizes the soul's immortality because it is a durable wood. There was no way around the marsh, and when Jack tried to put his foot into the water he almost sank to the bottom. In the past, the grouping of plants was not as exact as modern taxonomic ones. Long ago, there was a young boy called Jack, but everybody in the village called him The Curious One because Jack always wanted things which appeared beyond the grasp of others. According to the legend, anyone finds this mysterious fern will be rewarded with great treasures. In a Hawaiian legend, Kamapuau, the god of rainfall and certain aspects of nature had a tempestuous love affair with Pele, the goddess of volcanoes and eruptions. According to legend in Baltic and Slavic cultures, the fern flower blossoms on the eve of the summer solstice. Mont Blanc Legend Night is a sensual woody fragrance for men. General informations about the fern flower in Slavic folklore: Please type in your e-mail in order to get updates about new posts. ( Log Out /  Directed by. Jack lived what many would call a happy life, but although the young boy had everything his heart desired, he was very bored and so became a cruel and wicked king who treated his subjects unfairly. As he got closer he knew that it was the same flower with its five golden petals and the amazing glowing eye at its centre. Mont Blanc Legend Night for Men EDP-100ml; The top notes are bergamot, sage, and cardamom; middle notes are apple, balsam fir, and cedar wood; base notes are vetiver, akigalawood, and vanilla. In one of the tales I know from my childhood, a young shepherd lost his cow that made a turn into the woods. In the end, he never intended to find the flower for the treasures, and his greatest worry was over – the cow was back and safe in the barn. Jack began to cry over the loss of his family. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. A Fern Flower is an important element of Polish mythology and folk culture. He decided that this was the only way to cross the boggy water, so he took a deep breath and jumped from one clump to the next until he had crossed over to the other side. St John’s Night is the shortest night of the year. There is a Polish legend that says that the magical flower of the lowly forest fern (kwiat paproci) only blooms on this shortest night of the year [until the dawn]. Synopsis. The legends say that only the fern that grows in the most secluded parts of the forests can bloom with the magickal flower, and sometimes with a magickal fruit as well. As the villagers gathered around the fires, he dressed in his best clothes and went into the dark forest in search of the flower. This ring is really one of a … Jack stepped down from the carriage and approached the little cottage. Indeed, the word fern comes from the Anglo-Saxon fearn, which also means feather. He did not care about things which he could get simply by reaching out his hand. At home they were carefully unwrapping it on their home altars (or under holy icons in the Christian Orthodox houses). Jack was so tired after his adventure that he instantly fell fast asleep and experienced a strange dream in which the eye of the flower looked right at him. The moral of those stories was that a person could not be entirely happy without thier close community. Fern Flower is a magic flower in Slavic and Baltic mythologies. The flower had five golden petals, and in its centre something like an eye that flickered and glowed against the darkness of the night. Jack approached the flower in awe, but before he managed to touch it, the rooster crowed and the flower disappeared just as before. The passer-byes are intimidated by scary noises or demon laughter. Lecz można tylko dotknąć go w marzeniu. The Fern Flower has never been found by another, and Jack, the young boy whom the villagers once called The Curious One, has never been seen again. If he ever found the Fern Flower he would not keep such wealth and happiness for himself. The golden flower, with its mysterious glowing centre, blooms for only one night until dawn. Jack turned his back on his family and returned to the palace. Locals to this day call him a Faceless Tunnel Charlie. ‘My mother is old and will not suffer for long,’ he reasoned. 1 Origins 2 Appearance 3 Behavior 4 Abilities The Fern Flower is a plant with origins in Slavic mythology, legend and folklore. Moreover, most of the descriptions say that the fern flower blooms specifically in uroczyska, a term in the Polish language that describes places in the wild generally connected with magick or with old pre-Christian places of cult. Send Legend By Mont Blanc For Men Edt to your loved ones with Ferns N Petals. But there was also a carriage with six white horses waiting to take him to his new palace. Other legends say that the fern flower could be stored and used in many future rites if immediately after picking it a person would hide a petal under their tongue, in their shoes, or in a wound cut deep into their hand. The young boy felt ashamed that he had failed, but he never told his mother or his friends what he had been doing in the forest that night because he was afraid they would not believe him. The flower possesses the power to fulfil wishes, and whoever finds this flower will have all of his wishes granted; but he will not be allowed to share his wealth with others or he will lose everything. The flower burnt his fingers as if the petals were on fire! Though the red fern is only a legend, some ferns do have red stems, red veins or leaves that are nearly red at some point. It is also said that the flower should never be picked, but rather delicately shaken down from the fern. The woman was very old and had travelled all over the world and seen many strange things, so Jack listened to the story very carefully. Fern-Fever was a craze for ferns. It has to be a place far away from the human settlements, where no dog barking, rooster crowing or people talking could be heard. Jack looked for the flower but could not find it anywhere. There are all kinds of folklores that apply to the fern plant and one of the Slavic tales speaks of a fern that bloomed once a year but when people looked at it actually provided them with happiness and riches. The golden flower, with its mysterious glowing centre, blooms for only one night until dawn. In those versions, finding of the fern flower was associated with a lone journey and denial of close family and friends. Ferns figure in folklore, for example in legends about mythical flowers or seeds. One more time struggling with the weather, supported by residents. The visions disappeard, and the boy’s mind went blank – he forgot all the details he saw in the visions overnight. For asks or informations about quotation of my articles, please send me a message to lamusdworski [at] gmail [dot] com. Learn how your comment data is processed. According to folklore, the flower is Chervona Ruta. It was then that an old beggar approached Jack and told him, ‘Nobody lives in that cottage anymore. The Legend Of Fern Flower (Original Mix) Artist Yaroslav Kulikov; Album Best Of Morphosis 2018; Licensed to YouTube by Label Engine (on behalf of Morphosis Records) Na jedną chwilę w tajemniczym cieniu The bushes were so thick that he had to hack at them with his hands and feet in order to continue on his journey. Jack felt a great guilt and fear come over him. She said, ‘My son Jack is dead. When eventually he had gotten to the other side of the tree, he noticed that it was not so tall and wide after all, but rather another trick of the mysterious forest. The year passed very slowly, but eventually St John’s Night arrived, and again Jack dressed in his best clothes and set off into the forest. He often thought that he might send some of this gold to his family, but then he would remember how it was forbidden for him to share any of his wealth and happiness with another soul, even his family. Eventually the young boy noticed very small clumps of grass dotted here and there across the length of the marsh. In fact, ferns are not flowering plants. This mythical flower appears on the nights of summer solstice and winter solstice, the two transitional nights of the year when the power of the Sun is on its decisive stages. According to legend, closer to midnight a wand is shown from the branches, which wavers from … According to legend in Baltic and Slavic cultures, the fern flower blossoms on the eve of the summer solstice. With this realisation, Jack’s heart turned to stone and he ordered his carriage to take him back to the palace. Acording to Polish folk beliefs, the wild fern, species that normally never bursts into bloom, does bloom with a magickal flower on two special nights each year. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. But as hard as the young boy tried to forget his family, he was haunted by images of his sick mother and his poor brother. A person who comes across the fern flower was said to be endowed with fantastic gifts such as great wealth, luck, and the ability to interpret the speech of animals. Jack knew the paths and the trees of the forest very well, but on this night he did not recognise a single thing. (FYI – I found your link on the Slavic Spirituality FB page.). While they do not have mythical power, ferns with a touch of red amid the green can add a touch of color to a shady garden, an especially attractive addition for imaginative gardeners familiar with Rawls' creation. It has to be a place far away from the human settlements, where no dog barking, rooster crowing or people talking could be heard. Kwiat Paproci - Fern Flower legend. He wanted to reach into his pocket for the gold that might help his family, but again he remembered that he would lose everything if he were to share his wealth with others. ( Log Out /  Very interesting, I was looking exactly for this. According to the legend the fern flower only blooms during the Summer Solstice, the shortest night of the year It is a rare opportunity and whoever finds it gets all the riches he … Suddenly the ground opened up beneath his feet and Jack vanished into the darkness below, the mythical Fern Flower still clinging to his cold heart after fulfilling the young boy’s final wish. Animation, Short, Fantasy. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Instead, his brother approached the carriage. Instead, Jack made a silent promise to himself that he would try again the following year. Synopsis. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Flowers, Plants and Trees. As time went by, Jack lost weight and his health became very poor. Jack had never seen anything so beautiful. Jack wished he was dead because he could not bear the thought of being alone any longer. The young man awoke one day and knew that he must return home to his family and his friends. Instead, he wanted things which required a great effort to obtain. He spends it entirely on himself but then realizes that not being able to help others is making hi miserable. Legends about a mythological fern flower are among the most widespread tales in Poland. Young girls wear wreaths in their hair and couples go into the woods searching for the fern flower. Jack continued on his winding journey through the forest until he came across a massive fern in the middle of a clearing. When St John’s Night finally arrived, Jack dressed in his best clothes and went into the forest to seek out the mythical flower. France, 1949. One year later, Jack decided to visit his family again. Jack’s mother looked very worried and explained how she had found him asleep in the middle of the forest that morning. Another legend claims the aspen was the wood chosen for the cross, and when the tree learned how it was to be used, it began to tremble with horror and has never stopped. Jack entered the cottage and saw his mother laid out on her tiny, uncomfortable bed. He could not stand the thought of losing his mother. According to the Polish folk legends a person who manages to find the flower will be filled with exceptional supernatural wisdom that would bring happiness to their life, or will be given a great wealth and power. The legend says that on Saint John's Eve, which is the first night of the summer, you can find the flower of fern hidden deep in the thicket of the forest. He was so worried about the animal that he didn’t even notice the magickal flower appearing from the ground and stumped on it unknowingly. Order Legend By Mont Blanc For Men Edt online for delivery in sgp. When they come out of the woods, if the male is wearing the girl's wreath, it means the couple is engaged to be married. He noticed a tiny, radiant flower growing on a leaf of the fern. He was the boy who could have anything he wished for, but what good was that if he did not have his family or friends around to share in his happiness? He stepped down from the carriage with open arms but his mother did not recognise him. The fern gives birth to the flower around midnight, and a loud sound described as a crack, a bang, or a thunder follows its birth. This time the forest looked normal, just like it did in the daytime. Jack reached out and finally touched the mythical flower before the rooster could crow. It only blooms once a year and whoever finds this amazing plant will be very fortunate. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The flower brings fortune to the person who finds it. Maybe the enlightement the Fern Flower gave him for the brief moment made him realise that the treasures would not make him truly happy in the end. In many local tales the Fern Flower was found also by accident. There were huge, slippery stones on the forest floor, and thick ferns, some much taller than the young boy. Many legends claim that the wealth gained by the founder could not be shared with anyone, otherwise all the money and powers would be lost forever. Upon his return, he ordered his subjects and his servants to entertain him. But Jack did not let go. Legends of the holiday of Ivan Kupala say that the fern blooms for only one moment. Photo: “Glowing Fern” by Almanac reader Karin Shipman. He was always miserable and his vast wealth no longer seemed to matter. Then, quite suddenly, he noticed it, right there at his feet: the flower with five golden petals and the mysterious, glowing eye at its centre.

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